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Ref. No. Active Till Name of Work Category Sub Category Country State Estimated Cost (Rs.) Details
11-Apr-2019 Annual Rate Contract for GENOMICServices such as Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) Genotyping , Synthesis ofgene , DNAFingerprinting , Oligos etc . , during the financial year 2019-20 SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA WEST BENGAL Not Specified Details
12-Apr-2019 Cycle-Scooter parking contract of Narela Railway Station (NUR) Station Category O , for with measuring an area of 1065 . 51 sq mtrs for a period 3 years . SERVICES PARKING/CYCLE STAND/CAR STAND INDIA DELHI (U.T.-NCT) Not Specified Details
04-Apr-2019 award of contract for Bulk Advertising Right (Commercial Advertisement) at Nagpur Railway Station SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA MAHARASHTRA Not Specified Details
25-Mar-2019 Chandauli - providing of breakfast/lunch packet and water etc SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA UTTARANCHAL Not Specified Details
12-Apr-2019 Hiring of vehicle (3-5 MT capacity) for transportation of PWay materials in the section of SSE/P . Way/ DKAE . SSE/P . Way/KQU . SSE/P . Way/ GRAE under AEN/II/LLH and SE/ P . Way/East & West/BWN under AEN/ BWN for 03 (three) years . SERVICES HIRING OF VEHICLES INDIA WEST BENGAL 9703159 Details
12-Apr-2019 Manual cleaning of circulating areas , car parking area , floors , office sections , chambers , lobbies , lavatories , stair cases , corridors , verandas etc . at Fairlie Place Building , OkJ Koilaghat Building & New Koilaghat Building for one year SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA WEST BENGAL 9731926 Details
25-Mar-2019 MUZAFFARPUR - arrangement of voter guide and voter slip SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA UTTAR PRADESH Not Specified Details
23-Apr-2019 HIRING of Agency for Providing Services in Canteen SERVICES CANTEEN INDIA UTTAR PRADESH Not Specified Details
27-Mar-2019 Jaipur - Wheat transport work arod SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA RAJASTHAN 500000 Details
25-Mar-2019 Jalore - food arrangements in parliamentary election 2019 SERVICES SERVICES MISC. INDIA RAJASTHAN 200000 Details

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