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Q1: I am looking for tender notices that were posted on the site during the last 7 days, how do I do it?


If today is Dec 7, 2000 then enter the date 01/12/2000 in the first Posting Date box.

Q2: If I do not make any selection what tenders would be returned?


By default, tender notices for All National tenders for the selected Subcategory irrespective of the Category are taken, all Tendering agencies and All Locations posted in the past 3 months and any Tender Value are selected.

Q3: I am unable to see the details of the tender, rather every time I click on the 'DETAILS' link, I get the details of some other tender, why ?


The exact details of the tender of your interest are not available to Trial Members. If a Trial Member clicks on link 'DETAILS', one gets the details of a randomly selected expired tender just to show the format and details that will be available. To get the exact details in the similar format and to get the scanned copy of the Tender Notification, ">SUBSCRIBE NOW.

Q4: What does 'Not Specified' mean in the details window?


Often the tender information as published in the print media is incomplete, in such a case we are indicating to you that the information is not available in the tender notice.

Q5: How do I update my contact/membership information, password etc.?


Login using your user name and password. Click the profile on upper bar to see your existing information, update the desired information and submit. : Sorry, username cannot be changed. Submitted information is used for sending daily e-mail alerts and all account related information.

Q6: How often is the tender database updated?


Data is uploaded on a daily basis. Data is collected from hundred of sources.

Q7: I have tender information that I want to share, how can I do this?


Please contact Publish your Tender.

Q8: I am a first time visitor, how do I search tenders of my interest?


There are basically two options to search the tenders of your interest.


- Go through the list of 'Categories' and 'Subcategories' and select the most appropriate combination suited to your interest. Make sure that the keyword field is blank. Define the rest of the parameters as you desire. You will get the list of tenders pertaining to the search parameters defined by you.

- Alternately, you can search the tenders by free text search. Define the rest of the parameters as you desire. The system will search for all such tenders where the keywords defined by you exist either in category, subcategory or the name of the work. Kindly do not use plurals and other special characters like ' , & + / ' etc. As far as possible use the smaller words e.g. you want to search the tenders related to 'HEAT EXCHANGERS' , feed in the keyword as 'HEAT EXCHANG' .

Q9: Do we provide Tender Documents?


We can also procure the Tender Documents on your behalf at extra charges. Exact changes can be obtained from us on case-to-case basis. Generally charges are on following basis:

  - Tender Document Fees - as per actuals.

- Bank Charges for DD/Pay Order - as per actuals.

- Service Charges - Rs.750/- per tender document.

- Courier Charges / Postal Charges - as per actuals.
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